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How to know what to wear to a wedding?

We believe nearly everyone has received a wedding invitation before or have attended a wedding.

Becoming a wedding guest is not only about going for a party. As nowadays couples spend loads of effort and money on their weddings, you should in return think in advance about your attire as well. Normally it is everyone’s problem after accepting the invitation and buying a gift, what to wear to a wedding. If you are not sure on what type of wedding you are going to attend please see below some of our advises on how to get and idea and what is totally inappropriate to wear.

If you receive an invitation and it states the dress code everything is much easier for you. If you are attending a black tie event you know that this will be very formal occasion and you are permitted to wear long evening gown for women and black tuxedos for gentlemen. On the other side for less formal or casual events you can go from cocktail dresses and suits even to sun dresses and colorful shirts for men. However if your invitation does not state any dress code read below on how to find out from other information or your invitation itself what to wear.

Take your invitation and carefully check its style. Often invitations printed on heavy papers, including many pages tend to be more formal and on the opposite site a digital ones can advise you almost for sure of a casual event. Another hint to look for would be the time of the reception. Black tie events for example normally never start before 6pm so if your invitation mentions reception time during the day you know it will be semiformal or casual event. Location can also help you a lot in understanding more about what to put on. For example beach weddings are normally tend to be casual, as no one would expect you to go on the beach in tuxedo. However one has to be careful, as there is a difference between on the beach and at the beach. At the beach could also mean at some five star resort located on the beach and in this case it could be quiet formal event.

These indications should give you some idea and if you are still not sure maybe you could try to speak to some friends, who were also invited. Another topic is to understand what is polite to wear to a wedding in general. Normally it is prohibited to wear white dress. There should be only one dress of this color in the room unless instructed otherwise by the bride. It is also not very recommended to show too much skin at such occasions especially if the ceremony takes place at church and you should be also careful about the color of your dress. Sometimes it can happen that you choose very typical bridesmaids color and on the day people might thing you belong to the bridal party and bother you with questions all the time. Overall try to dress nice not too provocative so you don’t offend anyone and one rule you should try to mainly focus on is ‘You don’t want to steal the show’. It is someone else’s day.

If you have any questions or need help with your attire choice please let us know here at Mambo Weddings :)

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